Wouldn’t You Rather?

One of my favorite authors and devotional writers is Roy Lessin.  He often writes in such a way as  ”scratching where it itches”.

Just this morning I read this little piece from his blog which, if I understand correctly, is a preview to his new book.

Whatever we are experiencing in life, whether it be caring for a special needs child or caring for an elderly parent or ill spouse, dealing with a wayward child, or suffering a loss, wouldn’t you rather…. put your trust in Him?


Wouldn’t you rather follow His way than lean upon your own understanding?
Wouldn’t you rather find His rest than be heavy laden?
Wouldn’t you rather obey His word than go your own way?
Wouldn’t you rather believe in His timing than work things out for yourself?
Wouldn’t you rather stand on His truth than your own assumptions?
Wouldn’t you rather know His peace than have your mind filled with anxious thoughts?
Wouldn’t you rather have His wisdom than proceed with what seems good to you?
Wouldn’t you rather rely upon His strength than your own efforts?
Wouldn’t you rather know His joy than the pleasures of the world?
Wouldn’t you rather see His smile than have the approval of others?
Wouldn’t you rather enjoy His blessing than have the best the world can give?
Wouldn’t you rather trust in His goodness than anything else?
Wouldn’t you rather have Jesus than anyone else?

Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You. Psalm 73:25 AMP


You can enjoy more of Roy’s writing at Meet Me In The Meadow!

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