Things That Inspire

Do you often delete forwarded message in your inbox? I admit that I do. But once in a blue moon I go ahead and read one and usually am glad I did. That’s what happened the other day. My Uncle Jack, who doesn’t send emails very often, sent me a group message that looked like a forwarded message. I was just about to click the delete key but something made me stop and read his message. I’m so glad I did! In that little message was something so inspiring that I’ve been telling everyone!

Sometimes when things are tough it’s hard to get past just getting through the day! As caregivers with big responsibilities it’s sometimes easy to forget to stop and smell the roses. Well, I want you sit back and relax. Here is your chance right now to “stop and smell the roses.” Watch, listen and be inspired!

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2 Responses to Things That Inspire

  1. found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  2. hopebuilder says:

    Thank you so much for coming by! I look forward to seeing you again!

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