The Game Of Spasms

Be inspired by this poem written by a woman with Dystonia.

The Game Of Spasms

by Sharon Mazurek

“My life in the game of spasms is like any game we play
I wake up in the morning and I always start to pray
Will the game that I choose to play today be easy like a toddler?
Or will that game I chose to play make my spasms feel tauter?

When we play a game of baseball
We always want to score
But in The game of spasms we might just be too sore

It does not really matter if win or lose the game
As long as we can walk away and always feel the same
In my Game of Spasms, I always feel this way
Tomorrow I will win the game, it’s just another day!

In my game of spasms I will listen to my team
They know about my spasms
But they always make me beam!

Now football season has arrived, the stadium is full
And when I sit down in the stand my spasms start to pull.
But as I watch the quarterback running to the goal.
My spasms are relaxing, I want to rock and roll

In my Life of Spasms the game is never done.
I know that by tomorrow
I will make that 3rd home-run!
Everyday is different in all the games we play!
And in my life of Spasms
I know I’ll be okay!

To all who suffer with me
Never ever be afraid
Because I now that someday
We will be leading the parade!”

Sharon’s recommendation for life:
“Take one day at a time. Never give up. There is always Hope and always people to support you”

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