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The Secret To A Full Life

Here is a truly inspirational thought! Are you looking for the fullest life? Does gratitude come by naturally for you? Oftentimes is has to be learned. Sometimes learning requires practice – sometimes even mind-numbing practice. “If you think of this … Continue reading

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Inspiration Through Song – Blessings

Inspiration comes in different ways. This morning at church it came through a solo. I hope you are blessed and encouraged as much as I was! Blessings We pray for blessings: we pray for peace, comfort for family, protection while … Continue reading

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Cerebral Palsy Inspiration: A Sweet Angel

The other day I ran across the sweetest youtube video and wanted to share it with you. But before I could, I felt like I should get the approval of Mary, the mother of Shannon.  Not only did she give … Continue reading

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Snippets of Inspiration

I find it difficult sometimes to have large blocks of time with the Lord on a regular basis. Do you have this same conflict in your life?  As caregivers, parents of special needs children, spouses of a handicapped loved one … Continue reading

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Johnny The Bagger – A Story of Inspiration

The beautiful story of Johnny, the grocery store bagger truly captures the essence of service. It takes only 3 minutes to watch it. It brings service and life into perspective. Seeing Johnny in action also helps us to realize that … Continue reading

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