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I find it difficult sometimes to have large blocks of time with the Lord on a regular basis. Do you have this same conflict in your life?  As caregivers, parents of special needs children, spouses of a handicapped loved one or anyone for that matter in a stressful life, we know how precious alone time can be.  It’s easy to get on a guilt trip when we know we should be spending time with the Lord but the demands of our unique situation pull us away.

I’ve discovered a simple solution to this predicament! I call it: Snippits of Inspiration!  You’ve seen them.  Maybe you have them or some version of them. I’m talking about the little flip books . These are little books that stand up like a flip calendar on a desk.  You can get them with a thought for the day, verse for the day, prayer for the day, famous quote  for each day, etc. There are many variations!  I got hooked on them recently from an unusual place: a women’s private bathroom!  You can read the full monty version on my other website, daynasgracenotes.

Sure, you can just make up some index cards with verses, quotes, and thoughts for the day and put them all around the house.  Actually, that’s not a bad idea!  But what I did was go online and order some from Dayspring.  I now have one sitting at my desk.  It’s like a drink of cold water. Reading the inspirational message quickly helps me to see the bigger picture. It helps me to raise myself above the present circumstances and set my mind on the things above. It helps me to remember that His ways are higher and much better than my ways. Here’s an example of today’s inspiration:

“God’s wisdom…means that He works in very

practical ways in your life.  God is your wise mentor,

your practical helper, and your patient instructor.”

?Roy Lessin?

Here’s another by the same author:

“Today is your best day because God’s wisdom is

your portion and He is skillfully working things

out according to the council of His own will.”

Another variation would be to have a thought for the day sent right to you in your email.  I do this and you can too.  Click on the purple box with the cup of java up near the top right and you can sign up for it.  I especially love the inspirational stories they share on Fridays!  There have been times I’ve written the author back telling him how much his story meant to me in my situation.

Yes, spending quality time with the Lord is a thing to strive for.  But having snippets of inspiration and worship can be a life saver and a fresh cup of water in an oasis!

Have a blessed day!


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