Snippets of Inspiration

I find it difficult sometimes to have large blocks of time with the Lord on a regular basis. Do you have this same conflict in your life?  As caregivers, parents of special needs children, spouses of a handicapped loved one or anyone for that matter in a stressful life, we know how precious alone time can be.  It’s easy to get on a guilt trip when we know we should be spending time with the Lord but the demands of our unique situation pull us away.

I’ve discovered a simple solution to this predicament! I call it: Snippits of Inspiration!  You’ve seen them.  Maybe you have them or some version of them. I’m talking about the little flip books . These are little books that stand up like a flip calendar on a desk.  You can get them with a thought for the day, verse for the day, prayer for the day, famous quote  for each day, etc. There are many variations!  I got hooked on them recently from an unusual place: a women’s private bathroom!  You can read the full monty version on my other website, daynasgracenotes.

Sure, you can just make up some index cards with verses, quotes, and thoughts for the day and put them all around the house.  Actually, that’s not a bad idea!  But what I did was go online and order some from Dayspring.  I now have one sitting at my desk.  It’s like a drink of cold water. Reading the inspirational message quickly helps me to see the bigger picture. It helps me to raise myself above the present circumstances and set my mind on the things above. It helps me to remember that His ways are higher and much better than my ways. Here’s an example of today’s inspiration:

“God’s wisdom…means that He works in very

practical ways in your life.  God is your wise mentor,

your practical helper, and your patient instructor.”

?Roy Lessin?

Here’s another by the same author:

“Today is your best day because God’s wisdom is

your portion and He is skillfully working things

out according to the council of His own will.”

Another variation would be to have a thought for the day sent right to you in your email.  I do this and you can too.  Click on the purple box with the cup of java up near the top right and you can sign up for it.  I especially love the inspirational stories they share on Fridays!  There have been times I’ve written the author back telling him how much his story meant to me in my situation.

Yes, spending quality time with the Lord is a thing to strive for.  But having snippets of inspiration and worship can be a life saver and a fresh cup of water in an oasis!

Have a blessed day!


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Amanda the Puppeteer

Last week our Civitan group had a very special person come to visit! Amanda came bringing her friend, Ellen Jane, who is her puppet.  Amanda is a beautiful young lady with Down Syndrome who is a puppeteer with Kids On The Block.  She did an amazing job getting across the point that people with special needs are more like us average people than unlike us.  Kids On The Block is an award-winning international educational program created in 1977 by Barbara Aiello. It was originally created when “mainstreaming” children became a law. It was designed to help introduce children with special needs into school classrooms. The program uses child size puppets to carry out its purpose.

The highly trained puppeteers use a form of puppetry called Bunraku. They are dressed in black and become shadows behind the puppet. The puppets have distinctive personalities and portray, through carefully scripted material, a world of real life situations. As the puppets come to life, children identify with them and open up to them as if they were trusted friends.  It is a wonderful way to help children as well as adults understand that people with special needs are people just like them who have the same interests, needs, feelings and desires that they have.

About 2 1/2 years ago Amanda’s mother heard that Les Passees Kids On The Block,  a branch of Les Passees which is a women’s volunteer organization, was looking for someone with Down Syndrome who would be a puppeteer as a self-advocate. Amanda tried out for the part and got it! At first she worked with an old Ellen Jane puppet that had a lot of problems. The story of how she got her new Ellen Jane is amazing.  This is how her mother tells the story:

“Les Passes had an old Ellen Jane Peterson puppet and at one of the first training
sessions, Amanda asked the instructor, “What is wrong with Ellen Jane?” and
the instructor said, “Well, Amanda, she has Down syndrome.” Amanda replied,
“No, I know that — she doesn’t have any shoulders or knees.” Everyone cracked up
laughing. Needless to say, Amanda gave a presentation to the Bartlett Civitan Club
telling them of the need for a new Ellen Jane. They granted funds to DSAM and purchased
Amanda a brand new Ellen Jane that cost $850. Amanda was thrilled. This one has
knees and shoulders.”

Amanda has a dream, which is to set a good example and show people just how capable people with Down Syndrome are.

She puts it this way, “There are so many things that I and others with Down Syndrome can do. When people hear Down Syndrome, instead of a pitiful or confused look, I want them to have a smile of acceptance and understanding, just like I do. I hope that my efforts will make it easier for others with Down Syndrome to be accepted and understood.”

What an inspiration she is!

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Johnny The Bagger – A Story of Inspiration

The beautiful story of Johnny, the grocery store bagger truly captures the essence of service. It takes only 3 minutes to watch it. It brings service and life into perspective. Seeing Johnny in action also helps us to realize that people with special needs have a place in this world just like “normal” people where they can touch lives in a life-changing way.
It is a wonderful reminder of those that put their personal signature on their jobs each day to provide superb customer service to their coworkers and customers. Whether you work outside your home or not, let this touching movie spur you on to see where you can make someones day just a little bit better. Enjoy!

To watch “Johnny The Bagger” click on -The Simple truths of Service

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From whence cometh Your help?

Where does YOUR help come from? Be inspired and encouraged by this beautiful song sung by Bebo Norman. Consider the words and let it bring healing and inspiration to you. Then, don’t keep it to yourself but share this with someone else today!

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Random Acts Of Kindness

Reaching out in random acts of  kindness to someone else in need brings healing. It blesses them but it also brings healing to ourselves. As caregivers, handicapped, and humans in general it is easy to often feel overwhelmed with our own set of problems (or opportunities as I like to say sometimes). Let this video be a reminder of how  important a simple act of kindness can be in some else’s life.

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The Good Samaritan

In our busy lives filled with our loved ones who need us, doctor’s appointments, work, etc, let this little video of the Good Samaritan help you to remember those hurting around you. Our encouragement today is to look for ways to reach out and help someone else in need rather than look the other way thinking, “I don’t have time, resources, or the ability.” If we really think about it and ask the Lord, we will find ways to reach out and help others in our own unique way.

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