One Thousand Gifts – A Dare To Live Fully Right Where You Are

Have you read any truly inspiring books lately?  I’m in the middle of one that is hard to put down!

About 2 weeks ago, my good friend, Len, who has gone through her own difficult circumstances, told me about a book her daughter had accidentally left at her house on her last visit. Len picked it up and started reading it.  She said she is now going through it for the second time.

Where to even begin! This is by no means a comprehensive review of this inspiring book.

Have you ever wondered, “What’s the point of all this?”  ”Why am I living?” “Where is the fullness in life?”

Ann Voskamp hits some very familiar chords with her classic.  As she “invites you into her own moments of grace, she gently teaches you how to biblically lament loss, turning pain into poetry: intentionally embrace a lifestyle of radical gratitude: and slow down and catch God in the moment.”

The story starts out with her recounting her own loss and the struggle she went through. Then she continues through her own struggles of feelings of emptiness in her daily duties of life as a farmer’s wife and mother of 6.  But things start to change for her after a very vivid and scary nightmare.

Through her mind and heart change, as a result of the nightmare, she makes her own study of what it means to LIVE FULLY, zeroing in on the greek word, Eucharisteo.

Grace, Thanksgiving, Joy

In her own words,

“The holy grail of joy is not in some exotic location or some emotional mountain peak experience.  The joy wonder could be here! Here, in the messy, piercing ache of now, joy might be – unbelievably – possible!  The only place we need see before we die is this place of seeing God, here and now.”

THIS is a threefold cord that holds life.  Offers a way up into the fullest life!
True gratitude brings true joy.

That’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to review more of this wonderful, poetic book for you. But in the meantime, you really need to go and get  One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are and read it for yourself! It is a life-changer!

Blessings to you!

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