Miracles In The Storms of Life

I met guest poster, Kim, in an online forum of mom’s with special needs children. I was delighted to learn that she is also a blogger and since then we’ve struck up a wonderful friendship. I know you will be blessed by her guest post today!

Jesus Makes Miracles Happen in the Storms of Life

As Hurricane Isaac bore down on the coast of Louisiana this week, the magnitude reminds us that a

smaller storm sometimes packs a lot of punch. Many times, we see natural disasters as the enemy.

They affect us and our loved ones’ lives in dramatically negative ways, and certainly, where is the

benefit in such storms? Many would not even consider such events as creations of God. But they are.

We wonder, where do they come? Why do they happen? If God created storms, then why does he

allow their negative impact on us? I, myself, truly could not answer such questions, except what I see

from the storms of life that have happened to me.

The Creator fashioned this earth that we live on in such a way as to shelter storms. He also put us here,

His creation, to care for the earth. I wonder, are we doing it? Not always, as we know.

Yet, the Lord does provide provision for His people. He really does hold His children in the palm of

His hand.

Natural disasters are like the life storms we encounter.

We always want blessings, not trials. So most of us, do not rejoice in our trials. We grumble, throw

our hands up in the air and question God. I am sure He sighs and shakes His head at us, because after

all, He does see a bigger picture, doesn’t He. The Lord really does know what is best.

When my special needs son was born, he was delivered by C-Section, which was completely

unplanned for us. He was wheeled off to the NICU immediately upon delivery for two weeks, unable

to suck, barely swallow, move and breathe. He struggled with extremely low muscle tone, severe

asthma and sleep apnea. He was diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome. The battle was constant to

keep him functioning, never mind healthy. It was a miserable season of nearly four years.

Yet, through it all, the Lord whispered,

“For it was you who formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

Psalm 139:13

The Lord came in the storm.

When my son was nearly five years old I found the pulminologist whom the Lord wanted to use for my

son’s healing. He was young, and had had some experience with my son’s syndrome, and apparently

had a gift for healing. He medicated my son quite a bit at first, but, he actually listened to me, so I

followed his advice (Yes, I am my son’s advocate).

Then, the Lord brought healing after the storm.

My son, for the first time in his life, was not sick because of that man‘s medical treatment. We lived in

bliss with that, until this doctor told me to drop the Singulair and watch what happens. I panicked a

little at first, but by this time, I truly trusted this man’s judgment. Then, the dam burst through in a way

that was unexpected.

My son began having a constant stream of diarrhea. At first we thought it was a virus, and then, it

continued for a week and into two weeks. I took him to the general doctor, who also diagnosed him

with a virus. Yet, it persisted.

Then, in the middle of the night, while sitting up with yet another round of diarrhea from my son, the

Lord gave me a revelation. My son’s diarrhea was related to what he was eating. It was kind of one of

those “duh” moments enlightened by a complete lack of sleep. The Singulair had held back the

symptoms of a food allergy.

the Lord in the stormThe next morning was all sunshine, because I removed his natural peanut butter and honey sandwiches,

which he ate 2-3 times a day. Within 24 hours, the diarrhea cleared up. I removed many other foods

from his diet, which allowed us to drop the remainder of his nine medications. Two weeks of struggle

and storms brought a blessing beyond what we could see in the immediate.

Yes, I still struggle with the idea of storms.

You would think after a miracle like this, that I would just rejoice in trials. Well, I don’t. Trials are

painful, frustrating, and when we lose sight of the Lord’s hand, they promote a lack of hope. But, in

the storms, the Lord holds the reigns. We just have to learn to let go of the reigns ourselves and pray

through the storm.

Kim is a work at home mom. She is married, cares for her two sons, one with special needs, and has

three dogs. You can frequently find her either at her online ministry, His Special Kids, or her natural

health business, The Blessed Cheaper Organic.

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