It Is Well With My Soul – Getting The Right Perspective

Have you lost your perspective? Watch this Music that Inspires!

This morning I was feeling exceptionally overwhelmed and scattered. As I was cruising around Facebook this video popped up on one of my friend’s profiles. Hearing these sweet voices harmonize so beautifully and being reminded once again that He is in loving control, helps me know It Is Well With My Soul. What made it even more meaningful to me is knowing where she is in life. Debbie is a dear friend from high school who is the primary caregiver to her husband who has Alzheimers, among other severe and degenerating issues. (They are only 52 years old!)

Be blessed! And know that it can be Well With Your Soul!



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One Response to It Is Well With My Soul – Getting The Right Perspective

  1. Rusty says:

    Absolutely beautiful! What an inspiration, bless these wonderfully gifted children!

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