Inspired Serving: A Chance To Give Back

This is a story of giving back. Also called, “A special place in my heart.”

Do you have a particular place that means so much to you that you just want to be there all the time? Maybe it gives you a warm fuzzy felling? Maybe it’s a group that meant so much to you because of how it helped you, your child, or some else you love .

One such place for me is The Bodine School in Germantown, TN. Two of our kids have Dyslexia. For them, that doesn’t mean they make their letters backwards or flip words around. It means they have some form of learning disability. The Bodine School helps children who have a pretty severe form of learning disability or Dyslexia. They take kids who think they will always “be dumb”, and give them hope that they really can succeed and become something!

What they did for our kids was just short of a miracle. Instead of thinking they will always be dumb, they were taught how to compensate for their learning weaknesses and learn through their strengths. Their creativity was prodded and allowed to bloom and develop. Their self-confidence and self-esteem soared where it was once down-trodden.

When I think of The Bodine School I get such a warm feeling. My son and daughter aren’t there anymore. They are now 19 and 23. At times I’ve been sad thinking about how the school isn’t a part of our lives anymore.

One of my dreams and goals in life is that one day, when my ship comes in, I will play a major role in bringing back the High School grades at The Bodine School.. My son, in particular, would have really benefited from it.

A few weeks ago I heard a motivating message about having big dreams. The speaker talked about starting NOW. Don’t wait for your ship to come in. Start now no matter how small. So that’s what I did. I called the school to find out who was in charge of volunteering. They needed my help that week to serve lunches. In a few weeks they will have their annual BBQ dinner. In the Spring is the biggest fundraiser, the silent auction.

Giving back or paying it forward. Whatever you want to call it. What a blessing to be able to start now to serve the school that meant so much to our family!

What about you? Is there a place, a group, or an organization that has touched your life in a very personal way? How can you give back? You don’t have to wait.

You know, often times when we are in a difficult situation it’s easy to grow inward and depressed. But finding a way to serve others and give back will not only help to pull you out of your own self-absorbed circumstance, but it will bless others at the same time.



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