Does God Make Mistakes?

Recently, I had the privilege of being a guest writer on another special need’s blog. It was a post I’ve been wanting to write for my own blog but just hadn’t done it yet. Here it is. Or you can jump over to Kim’s blog, His Special Kids and read it there.

True or false. Does God make mistakes?

If you are a Christian believing in the sovereignty of God you would say without hesitation, “No!” But at some point in our lives, life gets a little more complicated and complex. “Life” throws us curve balls. Some of those curve balls may even be pretty big, to the point that almost everything we ever believed is tested to the extreme.

On April 8th, 1990, David Jennings Camp was born.

David is our 4th child. Our first child was very active and some said she was even strong-willed. (I never thought she was.:) ) As each subsequent child came along they seemed to be more and more laid back. So by the time David was born, his very laid back and even passive personality didn’t cause us to question anything about him. He was just following suit! But by the time he was 3 and not speaking we knew something was up. We felt pretty sure that he could hear fine but something just wasn’t clicking. He didn’t seem to understand when we spoke to him. We took him to several doctors and neurologists and he was eventually diagnosed as developmentally delayed in pretty much every area. For example, David didn’t walk until 19 months, he spoke only a few words until he was around 4 and he didn’t potty train until 5.

Although I’ve always fully accepted David’s condition and diagnosis there have been times when I would feel sudden sorrow and think thoughts like, “If David had been normal ….” Those thoughts have come to me especially when other children reached certain milestones. “If David was ‘normal’ he would be playing baseball.” or “If David wasn’t developmentally delayed he would be looking at colleges just like his age mates.”

But every time I have those thoughts I remember something the Lord graciously showed me and sealed in my heart when David was only 3 or 4.
It came from an article from a Focus on the Family magazine. I don’t remember what the woman’s name was but she had a child with Downs Syndrome. (Let’s say her child’s name was Katie) Through her own soul wrestling of “why did God do this?” and “Did God make a mistake?” He comforted her and clearly impressed on her heart that He did not make a mistake. There was never any other Katie. THIS was always Katie and He loved her and He chose her especially to be in this family.

Wow! That really made an impact on me. Although I didn’t have the same heart struggles that she had, that beautiful truth has remained clear in my mind when those difficult times have come. Like, the occasional conversations I’ve had with my dear dad over the years. Although he loves David, he believes God made a mistake. He slipped up. How sad to live life like that. How could you trust the Lord about anything if you thought He could make mistakes.

To bring this truth home even more, I’d like to introduce you to a beautiful story. Have you ever read, “Welcome To Holland” by Emily Perl Kingsley? You may have  read it before. Please go read it again. It will bless your heart. She has an amazing way of painting the picture of what the life of a special needs family will be.

Sure life has been extremely stressful at times.

With the onset of David’s Dystonia, there are some very hard days. But David has brought such joy and laughter into our lives. He has such a great sense of humor! Maybe that’s because he was due on April Fools day. He has such a happy and pleasant (for the most part) disposition. And when those trying times come or those sad thoughts enter my mind as I now see his age mates graduating from college, I can shout with full confidence:

“No! God does not make mistakes!”

He has planned each child just the way they are for His purpose and wonderful plan.

“For God causes ALL things to work together for good, to those who love Him, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

Thank you for letting me share my story!

Dayna Camp
(mom of David)

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2 Responses to Does God Make Mistakes?

  1. Very true, my son Chris had the same DD diagnosis, basically matured at the same rate as David, and I have loved him deeply since the day he was born. But, the milestones I see his peers meet can be hard at times. It is the best place to be when we remember God DOESN”T make mistakes, my son isn’t a mistake, but was created by the Almighty God for a purpose just like the rest of us. Thank you for this needed reminder!

  2. Rodolfo says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about sovereignty of god.



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