Being a mom of 5, 1 having special needs, I am well aware of the unique “challenges” families face who are in similar circumstances. It has been my desire for a long time to create a place where people can come who are a parent of special needs child, home bound, handicapped in some way, or are in any other difficult situation in life,  to receive encouragement, inspiration, a good laugh, or to just feel comfortable knowing that there are others out there who really understand and have an idea about what they face every day.  Some situations are much more difficult and critical than others. In no way do I mean to lessen or minimize a person’s difficult situation, but I desire to offer an oasis, a comfort, an inspiration, an encouragement, a resource and a reminder that there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. One of my life purposes is to give grace to those I come in contact with, and that by knowing me, others will experience the Grace of God and be drawn to Him through His son Jesus Christ. So whether you are in one of the categories I’ve mentioned above or you have found this blog some other way, you are so welcome here!  Please stay a while, add comments and come back often.  Thank you!

Feel free to contact me!   or hopebuilder01@gmail.com





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