A Therapy Dog Called Melody

One night on Facebook, I ran across some truly touching pictures of an absolutely beautiful therapy dog in action.

I saw picture after picture of this sweet dog sitting or laying with patients at a hospital It was so heartwarming! As I reached the last picture I was so surprised to see my friend Olguita posing with  the dog! I soon found out that the dog’s name is Melody and that she is owned by Olguita. I immediately messaged my friend asking if she would tell us about Melody, how she got her and how she became a therapy dog. It’s such an inspiring story! I know you will be blessed too!


” My kids had been taking flute lessons for several years and they wanted a dog, so I told them that as a reward for their discipline and persistence with their flute lessons, I would buy them the dog.

I started researching about dogs, and decided that we wanted a Siberian Husky. This breed is really friendly, great with kids, and easygoing. Then we searched over the Internet and found a lady in Puerto Rico who had Siberian Husky puppies. As soon as we saw Melody, we fell in love with her! She was absolutely beautiful and friendly!

She is a “melody” in our lives for sure!

We brought her home and had to decide what her name was going to be. Then we agreed that, since she was a reward for my kids’ persistence in their music lessons, the name had to be musical. So that’s why we chose her name “Melody”! And it fits her perfectly, because she is a “melody” in our lives for sure!

Since Day 1 Melody was always friendly, gentle with the kids, and didn’t even bark! My neighbors would visit us, touch her and play with her and she was always calm, and great with them. So we thought she would make a great therapy dog! I researched in Puerto Rico and found an organization called “Puerto Rico Dogs” that did this kind of work.

Therapy Dog in the Making!

Sheyla Gutierrez, the leader of the group, explained to me that Melody had to be one year old, in order to be able to become a therapy dog and she was only a few months old, so we decided to give her the basic training (sit, stay, come, etc.). My kids went to a summer camp for kids with dogs and there they learned how to train her. That was a lot of fun!

Some months later we connected with our friends from Puerto Rico Dogs again and Melody took the “test” which she passed. (She had to respond to basic commands and then we had to make 3 supervised visits to the hospital with the trainer to see how she behaved in that setting.) She passed with flying colors and was certified! She’s been a therapy dog for 5 years (she’s 6 and a half years old).

From Family Dog to Celebrity!

Since then Melody has become a celebrity! We visit hospitals, elderly homes, homes for children with disabilities, abused children, schools, etc. She has even been featured in the newspaper and has been on TV!

Nowadays, we visit the Puerto Rico Children’s Hospital on Thursday mornings. It’s such a pleasure to see the children’s smiling faces when we go visit! They really look forward to Melody’s visit. In order for us to enter the room, we need the parents’ signed permission and if the kids approve, Melody jumps on their bed and they pet her. The parents also have a lot of fun!

They Adore Melody!

I have many beautiful stories of kids who simply adore Melody! One in particular stands out. This girl at the hospital had pictures taken with her and Melody. She didn’t want her to leave! Some days later she wrote me on Facebook and said that Melody made her SO happy! (It felt great to be able to bring such joy to this girl!)
We also visit elderly homes and the residents there really enjoy Melody’s visit. Some of them had pets at their own homes and since they cannot have pets now, they really enjoy her presence. She reminds them of their own pets.

Melody is truly a great blessing for our family! We adore her and feel privileged to be able to share her with others and bring joy to their lives! It’s truly awesome!

I want to thank Olguita so much for sharing Melody with us!

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